Commitment to Safety

Air Wisconsin Airlines is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our customers and employees. Our vision is to achieve the highest degree of safety and security through the implementation of a corporate-wide Safety Management System supporting our organizational culture that holds safety as an essential core value. As a team, we continually work to create and foster a culture of safety, security and compliance that proactively identifies and manages risks to the operation and workplace before they can become injuries, incidents or accidents.

All Air Wisconsin Airlines employees, from the frontline to our Senior Leadership share the responsibility to:

  • · Establish and maintain the highest levels of safety and security throughout our operation and organization.

  • · Comply with all Company policies, regulatory requirements, laws and industry standards.

  • · Proactively identify and immediately report hazards, safety concerns and incidents as well as any behavior that violates our policies, regulatory requirements, laws and industry standards.

Air Wisconsin Airlines is committed to:

  • · The Senior Leadership establishing and annually reviewing specific Safety Objectives which will be published and communicated to all employees.

  • · Monitoring, measuring and tracking to ensure that our Safety Objectives are attained.

  • · Establishing and promoting safety programs and reporting processes that allow all employees to report hazards, safety concerns and incidents.

  • · Creating and maintaining a proactive reporting culture and ensuring that no disciplinary action will be taken against any employee for reporting through established non-punitive safety reporting methods including the Safety Concern Form and Aviation Safety Action Programs.

  • · Continuously identifying and managing risk through open collaboration, dedication of resources and the systematic development and continuous improvement of formal controls.

  • · Establishing, maintaining and periodically exercising an emergency response plan and procedures to ensure a safe transition from normal operations to emergency operations as described in Air Wisconsin Airline’s Corporate Emergency Response Program.

The President and Chief Executive Officer has ultimate responsibility and is committed to the development, operation and quality of the Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporate Safety Management System (CSMS) which includes providing the necessary resources to establish and maintain an effective CSMS and is the Accountable Executive regarding all matters of Safety and Security.

Robert Binns
President & CEO

Key Safety Programs

  • ☆  Safety Management System
  • ☆  Emergency Preparedness and Response/Crisis Management
  • ☆  Fatigue Risk Management Program
  • ☆  Internal Safety Evaluation
  • ☆  Aviation Safety Action Program
  • ☆  Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program
  • ☆  Event Review Program
  • ☆  Flight Operations Quality Assurance