In the Air

Operating as a regional airline in the United States since 1965, Air Wisconsin Airlines performs flying services for United Airlines as United Express throughout the Midwest and East Coast, operating CRJ-200 regional jets. We help unite the world by bringing passengers from their hometowns large and small to hubs that provide them with a gateway to countless travel destinations.



At Air Wisconsin, the safety of our customers, crews and coworkers matter most. Every employee takes responsibility for promoting safety in all aspects of his/her work. Our safety record is exemplary and we continuously look for ways to enhance our safety programs.

Smart Choices

We take pride in striving to build a stable airline within an industry that’s traditionally filled with highs and lows. Rather than focusing on the fast dollar, we focus on our future. We evaluate the risks and the benefits of every business opportunity and take the time to make decisions that support the long-term interests of Air Wisconsin and its people.

Superior Service

Air Wisconsin employees are courteous, respectful and helpful to both customers and coworkers. By supporting one another through teamwork, we create a company people want to work for and do business with.


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Air Wisconsin has been a proud presence in the regional airline industry since 1965. Originally founded to provide service between Appleton, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois, the airline quickly grew beyond these borders and began providing service to multiple destinations.

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